Saturday, February 12, 2011

we need FRIENDS !

I love that you know me. I love your facial expressions.
 I love the way you say my name.
I love the way you want to tell me things. 
I love your smile. I love your laugh.
I love that we have the same sense of humour.
 I love that we're on the same wavelength. 
I love the friendly flirting.I love our conversation.
I love that you care,even if it's not the kind of care that I want.
I love that you never awkward around me.
 I love how you smell and how it lingers on my clothes. 
I love your hugs and how they're warm and safe.
 I love the way your eyes light up when you laugh.
I love how you're such a geek sometimes. 
I love that our hands fit together perfectly. 
I love that you're concerned about me.
 I love that you make me do that cliche sigh.
I love how you make me burst into fits of laughter after everything you say,bcoz you really are that funny to me. I love how you trust me. I love how we;re best friends.
 I love that I can trust you.
I love that you're close by.
 I love that I was able to know you.
I love you.

bieyha biey

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